The Poultry:

The chickens and turkeys are on the Farm, not only to produce food, but help maintain healthy pastures. They, in essence, vacuum the pasture eating bugs, including parasites that exist on site. They also scratch the land which loosens the soil and thatch to promote healthy growth and renewal. Their waste in chickens1the pasture helps to fertilize the fields to create better food.

This year, the Farm produced Cornish Cross and French Bresse Chickens, and Broad Breasted, Blue Slate and Bourbon Red turkeys for sale. Cornish cross is the breed you often see in the store, with a large amount of breast meat. French Bresse chickens have exceptionally tasty meat and are sought after by chefs worldwide. Broad Breasted is the turkey breed that you usually see in the store, also with a large amount of breast meat. The Blue Slate and Bourbon Red are heritage breeds. The heritage will have richer meat and more dark meat.

pigs1The Pigs:

The role of the pigs is also to aid in land management. They renew hard to clear areas by rooting and tilling the land, and also devour and level ant hills! They also love to eat nuts, the apples dropping from the indigenous trees, left over vegetables and anything else!

The Sheep and Cows:

These animals also aid in land management and stewardship. They are pastured and used to clear overgrown land instead of using machines. Their waste helps to fertilize the new fields, reclaiming the forgotten land to help it become more healthy and nutrient filled.

This year, the Farm is raising its own herd of North Country Cheviot Cross lambs for sale. This breed is known for its lean, mild meat.

This year,the farm is raising British White steer, custom ordered for clients. We are also raising two calves for veal production.