We anticipate having chickens, lambs, pigs and calves available for purchase. If you would like us to raise a certain type of animal for you please contact us to discuss. We also will help you plan for parties, weddings, pig roasts or any other type of event.

We encourage you to visit the Farm. You will be welcomed by our farmer and the animals. We hope that you will enjoy yourself, learn about farming and animals, and even purchase some pasture raised food. We think you’ll taste the difference. At a minimum, you’ll have a great day!

Our farm is located in Livingston Manor, Sullivan County, New York. Our animals are all pastured raised on the Farm in accordance with organic practices, and are completely hormone and antibiotic free. Here is some info on our products:


Broad Breasted Turkeys – Appearance: Similar to store bought turkeys. They have an extra plump breast and skin type and color is what you’d normally expect.

Flavor: The meat is richer than store bought turkeys. The white meat will have a little more flavor, but the texture will be slightly different from the store bought.

Size: On the large side – great if serving many people. Approximately 20-30 lbs for a tom, 15-20 lbs for a hen.

Comment: This type is a good option if you’ve never had a fresh turkey and would normally purchase a store bought.

Heritage Turkeys – (Bourbon Reds and Blue Slates) Appearance: The breast is not as large as the broad breasted. The skin color is dark yellow.

Flavor: The meat is richer than the broad breasted. The white meat has more flavor. The dark meat will be darker, but not earthy. The texture will be a bit different from the broad breasted with longer strips of meat. The skin will be somewhat yellow so it will roast to a darker auburn than the broad breasted.

Size: These will be smaller –- most Bourbon Reds will be 9-18 lbs. The Blue Slates will range from 9 – 18 lbs.

COST: $ 7.50 per pound

If you are not sure which turkey you’d like – and if you’re having a fair amount of people — we’d encourage you to purchase a small one of each type. We’d like to be a part of your learning experience!

If you’re not sure which type and only want one, points to consider are:

  1. What do you usually buy – frozen commercial or farm fresh? If commercial, you may want to buy a broad breasted.
  2. How many dark meat lovers will you have? If there are fights over the legs, you’d do well with a heritage bird.
  3. How big is your oven? If you can’t fit a 20 lbs turkey in it, go smaller!


Cornish cross is the breed you often see in the store, with a large amount of breast meat. French Bresse have a bit more dark meat and are a bit richer.

They are approximately $6.50 per pound. Most chickens are approximately 4 lbs, so the cost is $26 per chicken. French breast have special pricing. Please contact us for more details.


The lambs are North Country Cheviot Cross, which is known for its lean, mild meat. The cost is $550 for the whole lamb, which includes a processing fee. The hanging weight will be approximately 50 lbs. The lamb can be halved, quartered or custom butchered.


The pigs will be processed anytime depending on the size that you prefer. The breed is Large Black Pig – one of the rarest English pig breeds and is known for its lean meat and flavor. The price depends on preferred finishing weight and includes processing fee. Average hanging weight is 120 lbs, and the price per pound is approximately $6.


The cows can be processed according to the size preferred . Customers can purchase a full cow, half cow, or quarter cow. In addition, cows may be USDA processed and sold by cut. 

All animals are sold in accordance with NYS Department of Agriculture requirements.